Jason Baxter

Jason Baxter is Associate Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities at Wyoming Catholic College. He teaches Greek, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance humanities courses, as well as art history from antiquity through modernity. He is the author of A Beginner’s Guide to Dante’s Divine Comedy as well as Falling Inward: Humanities in the Age of Technology.


Volume 145

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Guests on Volume 145: David I. Smith, on Christian teaching as a set of practices that accords with Christian content; Bruce Hindmarsh, on the rise of the conversion narrative in early Evangelicalism; Jason Baxter, on the psychological subtlety in Dante’s Divine Comedy; John Fea, on the entanglement of American evangelicals and politics; Laurie Gagne, on the spiritual longing of French philosopher Simone Weil; and Matthew O'Donovan, on singing Renaissance polyphony with Stile Antico.