Jill Paton Walsh

Jill Paton Walsh is the author of books for adults, young adults and children. As a novelist who has written mysteries and historical fiction, she is the co-author with the late Dorothy L. Sayers of Thrones, Dominations. She attended St. Michael's Convent, North Finchley, and St. Anne's College, Oxford. In addition to having taught English at Enfield Girls' Grammar School, she has also chaired the Cambridge Book Association and has served on the management committee of the Society of Authors. She lives in Cambridge, England.


Volume 35

Guests on Volume 35: Jill Paton Walsh, on completing Dorothy Sayers's unfinished novel, Thrones, Dominations; James Como, on the rhetorical skills of C. S. Lewis; Walter Hooper, on his first meeting with C. S. Lewis; Victor Davis Hanson, on how Greek convictions shaped Western institutions; Robert C. Roberts, on Christian psychology and the definition of human personality; David Gill, on Jacques Ellul's The Presence of the Kingdom; Ted Smith, III, on Richard Weaver's Ideas Have Consequences; and Ken Myers, on Christmas Music.