Joel James Shuman

Joel James Shuman teaches Christian ethics and bioethics at King's College in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He has worked primarily at the intersection of the healing arts and other applied biological sciences with moral and political philosophy and theology. He attended Bethany College and received a degree in physical therapy from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. After practicing physical therapy for several years, he returned to school at Duke University Divinity School where he earned the Master of Theological Studies. He earned his PhD in religion from Duke University. The father of three adult children, he lives with his wife, Christine, and their two foster children in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania.


Volume 81

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Guests on Volume 81: Nigel Cameron on the lack of ethical reflection in public policy on technology; Joel James Shuman on beliefs about God's nature and purposes informing how we think about sickness and medicine; Brian Volck on embodied life, stories, and how medical practice involves attending to the stories of the bodies of patients; Russell Hittinger on the modern state giving rise to modern Catholic social thought; Mark Noll on learning to think about law and politics from earlier Christians who lived in very different political circumstances; and Stephen Miller on the factors that sustain the art of conversation, and why it's a dying art.