John C. Pinheiro

John Pinheiro is professor of history at Aquinas College. He is founding director of Aquinas College's Catholic Studies program and co-founder of the college's Semester-in-Rome. His research focuses primarily on the early American republic and he is the author of the award-winning book Missionaries of Republicanism: A Religious History of the Mexican-American War (Oxford, 2014).


Volume 124

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Guests on Volume 124: John Fea, on how American individualism fuels indifference to the study of history, and how K-12 education can counter that apathy; Robert F. Rea, on how engagement with Church history deepens our faith and enriches our capacity as faithful servants; John C. Pinheiro, on how anti-Catholic prejudice in mid-nineteenth-century America was intertwined with beliefs about the virtues of Republicanism, "Manifest Destiny," and the Mexican-American War; R. J. Snell, on how newer ideas about natural law focus less on moral propositions and concepts and more on the thrust for meaning and value; Duncan G. Stroik, on how architectural styles function as languages that speak to us and enable buildings to speak to each other; Kate Tamarkin and Fiona Hughes, on the healing power of music.