John Lukacs

Writer and historian John Lukacs taught history at Chestnut Hill College before retiring; he also served as a visiting professor at several universities, among them Columbia, Tufts, and Johns Hopkins. He is a recipient of the Ingersoll Prize and many other academic honors and awards. His published works, more than twenty in number, include: Five Days in London, May 1940 (Yale, 1999); and The Hitler of History (A. A. Knopf, 1997).


Volume 75

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Guests on Volume 75: Mark Malvasi, on John Lukacs, the meaning of the modern, and how to think about history; John Lukacs, on the roles of curiosity and language in the vocation of historians; Steve Talbott, on how communications technologies divert language from its richest possibilities; Christian Smith, on the spiritual lives and theological assumptions of American teenagers; Eugene Peterson, on the essential relationship between theology and spirituality, and on the narrative life of congregations; and Rolland Hein, on the life and imagination of George MacDonald.