John W. O'Malley

John W. O'Malley is the Distinguished Professor of Church History at Weston Jesuit School of Theology. His fields of expertise include religious art, medieval scholasticism, and the history of preaching and sacred rhetoric. In addition to Four Cultures of the West, he is also the author of (among others) The Jesuits: Cultures, Sciences, and the Arts 1540-1773, and Religious Culture in the Sixteenth Century: Preaching, Rhetoric, Spirituality, and Reform. He attended Harvard University.

On the bonus track for Volume 73, John W. O'Malley discusses additional sections of The Four Cultures of the West. Click here to listen to his comments. (Left click to stream; right click to save.)


Volume 73

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Guests on Volume 73: Richard John Neuhaus, Nigel Cameron, Carlos F. Gomez, and Michael Uhlmann, on the meaning and value of human life, the vocation of medicine, the logic of autonomous individualism, and the temptation of suicide and euthanasia; Patrick Carey, on the perceptive (and peregrinating) thought of Orestes Brownson; John W. O'Malley, on the prophetic, academic, humanistic, and artistic vectors of Western culture; Patricia Owen, on what makes good children's books and on how the Newbery Medal winners have changed over time; Susan Srigley, on the sacramental and incarnational fiction of Flannery O'Connor; and Ralph C. Wood, on Flannery O'Connor as "hill-billy Thomist" and sympathizer with backwoods religion.