Johnny Cash

There are hundreds of pages on-line devoted to the life and music of Johnny Cash; they do more justice to offering a biographical sketch of the Man in Black than we could hope to do here. The following three sites are a solid starting point for those who wish to leaf through some of what is available:


Volume 65

Guests on Volume 65: Stephen G. Post, on why there should be more room for public forms of religious expression; Glenn C. Altschuler, on the advent of rock 'n' roll, and the various fears it created; Mark Oppenheimer, on the importance of style and the rise of radical informality; Johnny Cash, on faith, vocation, the Incarnation, and the Last Supper; George Marsden, on how Jonathan Edwards understood world history and the American experience; and Julian Johnson, on various misunderstandings about classical music, the differences between music as art and music as commodity, and on expectations of immediate gratification in music.