Joseph O'Brien

Joseph O’Brien is a Catholic journalist and award-winning poet. He is currently the managing editor of Adoremus Bulletin and a correspondent with the Catholic Business Journal. He lives with his wife and nine children on a homestead in the Driftless Region of rural Wisconsin.


Volume 136

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Guests on Volume 136: Thomas Albert Howard, on the history of commemorating the Reformation; Mark Noll, on how the Reformers would want to be remembered; Andrew Pettegree, on how Martin Luther transformed the printing industry; Peter Leithart, on the biblical basis for the unity of the Church; Norm Klassen, on the political theology implicit in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales; James Litton, on the life and work of hymnologist, Erik Routley; and Joseph O’Brien, on the neglected literary achievements of J. F. Powers.