Keith Windschuttle

Keith Windschuttle, an Australian historian, is the author of The Killing of History: How A Discipline is Being Murdered by Literary Critics and Social Theorists. He has taught history and social policy at, among others, the University of New South Wales, and has contributed to various publications including The New Criterion and Quadrant. His professional research interests are historiography, especially of Australian and American history, and the theories of history of the modern era.


Volume 31

Guests on Volume 31: David Orgon Coolidge, on Dale v. Boy Scouts, which requires the Scouts to admit homosexuals; James Twitchell, on how American culture has eliminated shame from our experience; Thomas Frank, on how advertisers came to link their products with the idea of self-fulfillment; Keith Windschuttle, on the killing of the discipline of history; Wilfred McClay, on history and academic advancement; David Harlan, on history as moral reflection; Wilfred McClay, on historian David Harlan; and Gilbert Meilaender, on C. S. Lewis's self-denying gospel.