Kenneth R. Craycraft, Jr.

Kenneth R. Craycraft, Jr., a native of southwestern Ohio, was educated at Boston College and Duke University. Formerly a professor of theology at St. Mary's University, his articles and reviews have been published in First Things, Review of Politics, Chronicles, Theology Today, Crisis, Journal of Religion, and several other journals. He lives with his wife and five children in Durham, N.C. and is the author of The American Myth of Religious Freedom.


Volume 40

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Guests on Volume 40: Joseph Epstein, on writing essays and education through magazines; John Gray, on the cultural contradictions of global capitalism; Kenneth R. Craycraft, Jr., on why the First Amendment doesn't really protect Christian liberty; William T. Pizzi, on Trials without Truth: Why Our System of Criminal Trials Has Become an Expensive Failure and What We Need to Do to Rebuild It; Pamela Walker Laird, on how nineteeth-century advertising promoted progress; Albert Borgmann, on how technology disengages us from experiencing reality; Neal Stephenson, on the "eureka" moments with codes and computers; and Alan Jacobs, on why Harry Potter's magic shouldn't trouble Christians.