Mark Kingwell

Mark Kingwell, author of Dreams of Millennium: Report from a Culture on the Brink, is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto. He was educated at the University of Toronto, Edinburgh University, and Yale University, where he earned a Ph.D. in philosophy. He has contributed to, among others, Harper's, Utne Reader, and the New York Observer.


Volume 32

Guests on Volume 32: Mark Kingwell, on hope and fear at the edge of the millennium; Daniel Pipes, on where beliefs about conspiracies come from; Herb Kutchins, on the DSM and problems in making mental health diagnoses; Nicholas Wolterstorff, on the presence of God in the paintings of Stanley Spencer; Vincent Scully, on the nature of cities and urban life; Richard Moe, on preserving communities and saving old buildings; Joel Carpenter, on fundamentalism as a true religious movement, not a reactionary social movement; and Bruce L. Edwards, Jr., on learning from and teaching C. S. Lewis.