Matthew O'Donovan

Matthew O’Donovan is a professional singer who was a founding member of the choral ensemble Stile Antico. O’Donovan is also a trained organist and composer. He graduated from Oxford University and King’s College London and now holds positions as Head of Academic Music and Director of Lower Chapel Music at Eaton College. 


Volume 145

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Guests on Volume 145: David I. Smith, on Christian teaching as a set of practices that accords with Christian content; Bruce Hindmarsh, on the rise of the conversion narrative in early Evangelicalism; Jason Baxter, on the psychological subtlety in Dante’s Divine Comedy; John Fea, on the entanglement of American evangelicals and politics; Laurie Gagne, on the spiritual longing of French philosopher Simone Weil; and Matthew O'Donovan, on singing Renaissance polyphony with Stile Antico.