Michael Allen Gillespie

Michael Allen Gillespie is Professor of Philosophy at Duke University. His areas of interest are political philosophy, Continental philosophy and history of political philosophy. He is the author of Hegel, Heidegger, and the Ground of History and Nihilism Before Nietzsche, and co-editor of Nietzsche's New Seas.


Volume 16

Guests on Volume 16: Philip Cushman, on the cultural history of psychotherapy in America; R. Laurence Moore, on religious disestablishment and the growth imperative; Keith J. Pavlischek, on the shrinking foundations supporting religious liberty; Dean M. Kelley, on the government's deadly interpretation of the Branch Davidian religion; Alan Jacobs, on the storytelling powers of neurologist Oliver Sacks; Kathleen Murphy, on Ingmar Bergman's films and the lack of seriousness in contemporary film; Michael Allen Gillespie, on the medieval (and theological) sources of nihilism; Robert Wilken, on similarities between the early Church's culture and our own; and Francis Crociata, on the music of American composer Leo Sowerby.