Michael Sandel

Michael Sandel is a professor of government at Harvard University. He teaches contemporary political philosophy and the history of political thought and is currently serving on the President's Bioethics Council. He is the author of Democracy's Discontent: America in Search of a Public Philosophy.


Volume 22

Guests on Volume 22: Andrew Delbanco, on how American culture has effaced the idea of evil; Michael Uhlmann, on two appellate court cases concerning the matter of doctor-assisted suicide; Carlos F. Gomez, on why some American doctors have embraced the idea of killing their patients; Michael Sandel, on the dangers of seeing democracy merely as morally neutral "procedures" to adjudicate differences; Hadley Arkes, on how arguments for legalizing same-gender marriages go further than their advocates would like; and Robert George, on why marriage is an intrinsic good.