Mortimer Adler

Mortimer Adler (1902-2001), a philosopher who strove for the integration of philosophy with science, literature, and religion in education, taught at several universities and research institutes including the University of Chicago and the Aspen Institute. His interest and work in reading and studying the "Great Books" of Western Civilization eventually led to the publication of the "Great Books of the Western World" by Encyclopedia Britannica. A prolific writer, his works include The Higher Learning in America (1936), What Man Has Made of Man (1937), and How to Read a Book (1940).


Volume 51

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Guests on Volume 51: Nigel Cameron, on the challenges of bioethics and how Christians ignore them; David Blankenhorn, on the public meaning of marriage and the private sector and the family; Robert Wuthnow, on creativity and faith; Mortimer Adler, on philosophical theism and How to Think about God; Roger Lundin, on the vision of William Blake; Dana Gioia, on the place of poetry and the way words work; Mary Midgley, on the ways science explains reality; and Ted Libbey, on the life and music of Edmund Rubbra.