Nathan F. Alleman

Nathan Alleman is an associate professor of higher education at Baylor University. Dr. Alleman's teaching and research focus on students, faculty, and institutions from marginal and marginalized populations. He is co-author of Restoring the Soul of the University: Higher Education for a Post-Christian Culture.


Volume 142

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Guests on Volume 142: Stanley Hauerwas, on writing letters to his godson about the virtues; Perry L. Glanzer and Nathan F. Alleman, on the fragmentation of modern higher education and why we need theology to unify universities; Jeffrey Bishop, on how modern medicine shapes an inadequate understanding of the human body; Alan Jacobs, on how contemporary communications media discourage charitable thinking; D. C. Schindler, on the diabolical nature of the modern understanding of freedom; and Marianne Wright, on how the gospel comes through in the writings of George MacDonald.