Paul Spears

Paul Spears teaches at Biola University. He is intensely interested in how foundational philosophical commitments drive educational theories. In his work he investigates how educational history, philosophy and learning theories combine to construct educational praxis. Dr. Spears has lead groups of Torrey Honors students to Mongolia to work with Campus Crusade for Christ. He has spoken widely on apologetics, theology, and educational philosophy. He has written a chapter on philosophy for ACSI's Foundations of Christian Education, and recently co-authored a book on educational philosophy, Educating for Human Flourishing: A Christian Perspective. Before teaching at Biola, Dr. Spears worked as a youth minister. With a Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University, he also holds degrees from Biola and Multnomah College.


Volume 101

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Guests on Volume 101: James Davison Hunter, on how the most prominent strategies of Christian cultural engagement are based on a misunderstanding about how cultures work; Paul Spears, on why Christian scholars need to understand their disciplines in ways that depart from conventional understanding; Steven Loomis, on why education needs to attend more carefully to nonquantifiable aspects of human experience; James K. A. Smith, on how education always involves the formation of affections and how the form of Christian education should imitate patterns of formation evident in historic Christian liturgy; Thomas Long, on how funeral practices have the capacity to convey an understanding of the meaning of discipleship and death; and William T. Cavanaugh, on the distinctly modern definition of "religion" and how the conventional account of the "Wars of Religion" misrepresents the facts in the interest of consolidating state power.