Paul Weston

The Reverend Dr. Paul Weston is Tutor in Mission and Homiletics at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Previously he worked at Oak Hill College, where he served on staff and as vice-principal. His publications include Why We Can't Believe, X-Ray: In-sight from Outside, and Planning a Church Mission. He has an Mphil in New Testament studies, and a PhD on the writings of Lesslie Newbigin.


Volume 83

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Guests on Volume 83: Barrett Fisher, on film noir and its revealing portrayal of human moral confusion; Dick Keyes, on contemporary cynicism, how it's destructive, and how it might be resisted; Richard Lints, on a distinctively theological approach to understanding human identity; Paul McHugh, on how the discipline of psychiatry needs to mature, and on "stories" as diagnostic tools; Paul Weston, on lessons from Lesslie Newbigin on interfaith dialogue and the attacks on Christianity from scientism; and Paul Walker, on how the forms of Renaissance choral music communicate rich theological concerns.