Peter Harrison

Science historian, Peter Harrison, is the director for the Institute in Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Queensland. He is the author and editor of numerous articles and compilations. In 2011, he gave a series of Gifford Lectures at the University of Edinburgh, which was later published under the title The Territories of Science and Religion (University of Chicago Press, 2015). His other books include: The Fall of Man and the Foundations of Science (Cambridge, 2007), The Bible, Protestantism, and the Rise of Natural Science (Cambridge, 1998), and 'Religion' and the Religions in the English Enlightenment (Cambridge, 1990).


Volume 131

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Guests on Volume 131: John Durham Peters, on understanding media as agencies of order, not just devices of information; Paul Heintzman, on how a biblical understanding of human spirituality can inform our concept of “leisure”; Richard Lints, on how the image of God and idolatry are inversely related; Peter Harrison, on how our current definition of “science” and “religion” represents novel conceptual categories; Francis J. Beckwith, on the widespread tendency to erect a wall between faith and reason; David L. Schindler & Nicholas J. Healy, Jr., on how the First Amendment is not as sympathetic to religious freedom as is commonly believed.