Ramsey MacMullen

Ramsay MacMullen has retired from his post as Dunham Professor of History and Classics at Yale University. Dr. MacMullen is the author of The Decline of Rome and Roman Social Relations, 50 B.C. to A.D. 284, Christianizing the Roman Empire, AD 100-400, and its sequel Christianity and Paganism in the Fourth to Eighth Centuries.


Volume 34

Guests on Volume 34: Michael Aeschliman, on C. S. Lewis and the problem of scientism; Jeremy Rifkin, on The Biotech Century: Harnessing the Gene And Remaking the World; Jean Bethke Elshtain, on Vaclav Havel, identity politics, and the possibilities of democracy; Katherine Shaw Spaht, on the purposes of covenant marriage laws; Steven L. Nock, on why married couples divorce; Louise Cowan, on how classics address our imagination; Ramsey MacMullen, on the rise of Christendom; and Ted Libbey, on the music of Hildegard von Bingen.