Richard Crawford

Richard Crawford holds three degrees from the University of Michigan and joined its faculty in 1962 as a professor of music. Currently editor-in-chief of Music of the United States, he served as president of the American Musicological Society from 1982-1984 and was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1995. His American Musical Landscape is one of the seminal works of American music history.


Volume 2

Guests on Volume 2: P. D. James, on why evil characters are easier to depict than good characters, and why some people like mysteries while others don't; William Kilpatrick, on Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong: Moral Illiteracy and the Case for Character Education; James Schall, on what sports and games tell us about human nature; A. N. Wilson, on how writing the biography of C. S. Lewis led him to renounce belief in Christianity; Michael Aeschliman, on why A. N. Wilson is wrong about C. S. Lewis; Russell Hittinger, on the Supreme Court's decision in Planned Parenthood vs. Casey; and Richard Crawford, on composer William Billings, one of the first important American composers of sacred music.