Richard Noll

Richard Noll, a clinical psychologist, is Associate Professor of Psychology at DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania. He is the author of The Jung Cult and its sequel The Aryan Christ: The Seceret Life of Carl Jung.

Richard Noll has also been featured on the MARS HILL AUDIO Conversation "The Quest for the Historical Jung." A short description of this Conversation is listed here.

When Noll's book The Aryan Christ was first published, Ron Hogan interviewed Noll for the Beatrice Interview, an on-line source for interviews with various authors. The interview is available here.


Volume 28

Guests on Volume 28: Gregory Wolfe, on Malcolm Muggeridge; Dana Mack, on how our culture makes raising kids difficult; James L. Nolan, on why therapeutic ideas are showing up in laws and in courts; Thomas H. Naylor, on the Babelesque dangers of giantism; Daniel Ritchie, on the political wisdom of Edmund Burke; Edward Tenner, on how machines get their revenge; and Richard Noll, on Carl Jung as The Aryan Christ.


Volume 13

Guests on Volume 13: Richard Noll, on the influence of paganism in the life and thought of C. G. Jung; Armand Nicholi, on Sigmund Freud's religious longings; Jackson Lears, on how advertising detaches us from the world; Alan Jacobs, on Anne Rice and the popularity of her vampire novels; Ken Myers, on reporting about religion; Rand & Robyn Miller, on MYST, the bestselling computer game; Sven Birkerts, on how the act of reading assists in building self-understanding; Stephen G. Smith, on his magazine Civilization, produced in cooperation with the Library of Congress; and Deal Hudson, on the return of melody in modern music.