Richard Viladesau

Richard Viladesau is professor of theology at Fordham University in New York City. Viladesau is the author of a three-volume history published through Oxford University Press entitled The Passion of Christ in Theology and the Arts. The series includes: The Beauty of the Cross: From the Catacombs to the Eve of the Renaissance (2005), The Triumph of the Cross: From the Renaissance to the Counter-Reformation (2008), and The Pathos of the Cross: The Baroque Era (2014). His forth and culminating volume in the series is forthcoming.


Volume 123

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Guests on Volume 123: Nicholas M. Healy, on some of the practical and theological weaknesses in the writings of Stanley Hauerwas; Christian Smith, on the spiritual lives of emerging adults raised within the Roman Catholic Church and taught at Catholic schools; James K. A. Smith, on Charles Taylor's explanation (in The Secular Age) of how modern culture came to unlearn the theistic assumption of the West; Esther Lightcap Meek, on why pitting "objectivity" against "subjectivity" in describing the nature of knowledge isn't helpful, and on why all knowing involves making a commitment; Richard Viladesau, on the relationship between formal, propositional, academic theology and the theological expressions found in works of art and music; and Jeremy Begbie, on why theologians should be more interested in how music and modernity have interacted.