Robert D. Richardson, Jr.

Robert D. Richardson, Jr. has taught at many schools, including Harvard, Yale, The University of Colorado, Sichuan University in China, Wesleyan, and UNC Chapel Hill. He is married to writer Annie Dillard, and is the author of a masterful study of Ralph Waldo Emerson's life entitled Emerson: The Mind on Fire.


Volume 20

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Guests on Volume 20: Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, on the benefits of single-sex education, and the confusion of "elite" feminism; Robert D. Richardson, Jr., on why the work of Ralph Waldo Emerson continues to attract certain religious seekers; Roger Lundin, on Emerson's assertion of alternatives to Christianity, and how they have seeped under the American cultural skin; Wilfred McClay, on individualism and collectivism in American society; Andrew A. Tadie, on learning to love and learn from G. K. Chesterton; Robert Jenson, on why the life of the mind matters to the Church, and how it should take shape in the world; Ted Prescott, on why artists have been attracted to abstraction, and what viewers should look for in abstract art; and Ted Libbey, on Haydn's The Creation.