Robert Pogue Harrison

Robert Pogue Harrison is the Rosina Pierotti Professor in Italian Literature at Stanford University. He is the author of several acclaimed books, including Forests: The Shadow of Civilization (University of Chicago Press, 1992), The Dominion of the Dead (UCP, 2003), Gardens: An Essay on the Human Condition (UCP, 2008), and Juvenescence: A Cultural History of Our Age (UCP, 2014). He is also the host of a literary talk show on the Stanford University radio station, KZSU, called "Entitled Opinions," which features hour long conversations with a variety of scholars, writers, and scientists.


Volume 129

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Guests on Volume 129: Nicholas Carr, on how automation technologies make our lives easier — while detaching us from the practices of engaging the world that are most fulfilling for us; Robert Pogue Harrison, on the challenges of nurturing the inner lives and loves of our children to enable them to receive the legacies of our culture; R. J. Snell, on how the vice of acedia denies the being of Creation; Norman Wirzba, on how a Scriptural imagination allows us to perceive the world as Creation (not just as nature); Philip Zaleski and Carol Zaleski, on how the Inklings were critical of modernity in the interest of restoring Western culture to its Christian roots; and Peter Phillips, on the “tintinnabuli” style of composition in the works of Arvo Pärt.