Robin Leaver

Robin Leaver is internationally recognized as a hymnologist, musicologist, liturgical expert, Bach scholar, and Reformation specialist. He has authored numerous books and articles in the cross-disciplinary areas of liturgy, church music, theology, and hymnology. He has taught at Wycliffe Hall Oxford, Westminster Choir College, Princeton, Drew University, Madison, and is currently visiting professor at Yale University and at Queen’s University, Belfast. Dr. Leaver is the author of a small pamphlet entitled J. S. Bach as Preacher: His Passions and Music for Worship and The Whole Church Sings: Congregational Singing in Luther’s Wittenberg. He has also contributed a number of articles to the encyclopedic Oxford Composer Companions volume on Bach.


Volume 137

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Guests on Volume 137: Gilbert Meilaender, on how adoption offers lessons concerning the relationship between nature and grace; James L. Nolan, on what the observations of four distinguished foreign visitors can teach Americans about themselves; Joel Salatin, on how honoring the pigness of pigs enables us to more fully recognize the Godness of God; Michael Di Fuccia, on Owen Barfield’s understanding of the imagination; Robin Leaver, on clarifying some misconceptions about Martin Luther’s commitment to congregational singing; and Michael Marissen, on how J. S. Bach’s music conveys theological meaning.


Volume 44

Guests on Volume 44: James Davison Hunter, on the limits of the psychological view of character; Brian Robertson, on the changes in attitudes toward work and home; David Myers, on the disjunction of wealth and happiness, and crafting a "new American dream"; Robert Frank, on the escalation of luxury and how it can be slowed; Gayle Brandow Samuels, on trees, landscape, and cultural identity; Thomas Hine, on The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager; Thomas Hibbs, on Seinfeld, Hannibal Lecter, and nihilism in popular culture; and Robin Leaver, on how J. S. Bach used musical forms to impart theological truths.