Rupert Shortt

Rupert Shortt is religion editor of the London Times Literary Supplement and a former Visiting Fellow at Oxford University. His books include Benedict the XVI (2005), Christianophonia: A Faith Under Attack (2012), Rowan's Rule: The Biography of the Archbishop (2014), and God Is No Thing: Coherent Christianity (2016).


Volume 138

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Guests on Volume 138: John Milbank, on why politics needs to recognize the human soul (and what happens when it doesn’t); Adrian Pabst, on the “metacrisis” of liberalism; Glenn Olsen, on Christopher Dawson’s understanding of religion and culture; Rupert Shortt, on how scientism misunderstands God and divine action; Oliver O'Donovan, on the significance of love, community, and friendship as ethical and eschatological categories; and David Bentley Hart, on the hazards and delights of translating the New Testament.