Sara Anson Vaux

Sara Anson Vaux studied at Allegheny College, University of Edinburgh, and received the Ph.D. from Rice University. She has done post-doctoral study at McCormick Theological Seminary and has taught courses on religion, literature and film at the University of Chicago, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, North Park Seminary, and Northwestern University. Vaux has written on both the arts and issues in ethics including Dying Well in the Late Twentieth Century (1996), "Suffering and healing in films" (Christianity and the Arts, Summer 1999), editor and contributor of Working Well: Business Ethics (1999); and wrote Finding Meaning at the Movies (1999). She teaches both general and specific topics on Religion and Film.


Volume 112

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Guests on Volume 112: Christian Smith, on why "emerging adults" feel compelled to keep all their options open, in life and in thought; David L. Schindler, on how modern liberalism fails to acknowledge the reality of God's love in the order of Creation; Sara Anson Vaux, on the moral vision of director Clint Eastwood; Melvyn Bragg, on the origins and profound cultural influence of the King James Bible; Timothy Larsen, on how Victorians were united in their preoccupation with the Bible, whether or not they believed in God; and Ralph C. Wood, on the sacramental vision of G. K. Chesterton, and on the enigmatic message of The Man Who Was Thursday.