Stephen Bates

Stephen Bates received his J.D.cum laude degree from Harvard Law School and also holds his B.A. magna cum laude degree from Harvard College. Prior to joining the School, he was literary editor for Wilson Quarterly. Bates has taught at Johns Hopkins University and been a guest lecturer at Harvard College, MIT, New York University, and Northwestern University, and is the author of Battleground.


Volume 5

Guests on Volume 5: David Aikman, on his novel When the Almond Tree Blossoms, and on the perpetual temptations of totalitarianism; Edward Ericson, Jr., on Solzhenitsyn's moral foundation and his criticism of modern Western culture; James Pontuso, on the spiritual dimensions of freedom; James Finn, on the United Nations World Conference on human rights; Ken Myers, on L. A. Law's Bob Jones graduate, and on how TV promotes glibness; Ralph C. Wood, on the backslidden comedy of novelist Peter De Vries; Stephen Bates, on textbooks and the First Amendment in Hawkins County, Tennessee; and Drew Trotter, on director Martin Scorsese's The Age of Innocence.