Terence L. Nichols

Terence L. Nichols is a professor of theology and department chair at the University of St. Thomas. In addition to The Sacred Cosmos, he is also author of Death and Afterlife: A Theological Introduction (2010) and That All May Be One: Hierarchy and Participation in the Church (1997). Along with his wife, Mabel, he founded a shop called Coat of Many Colors that imports and sells clothing made by third world artisans, and which then returns a percentage of the proceeds to the artisans. Before earning his Ph.D. from Marquette University he worked in construction, specializing in commercial waterproofing. He earned his B.A. from the University of Minnesota.


Volume 67

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Guests on Volume 67: Eric O. Jacobsen, on urban churches and taking the concrete realities of community seriously; Allan C. Carlson, on the family in American culture and in government policy; Terence L. Nichols, on a sacramental view of Creation as an alternative to naturalism; R. R. Reno, on spiritual lethargy and sloth and the need for a more heroic vision for spiritual possibility; David Bentley Hart, on a Christian understanding of beauty rooted in the reality of the divine gift that is Creation; and J. A. C. Redford & Scott Cairns, on the making of "The Martyrdom of Polycarp."