Thomas Forrest Kelly

Thomas Forrest Kelly is the Morton B. Knafel Professor of Music in historical musicology at Harvard. Kelly's interests focus on chant and performance practice. He is the author of Capturing Music: The Story of Notation (Norton, 2014) and The Beneventan Chant (Cambridge, 1989). He has also authored two books as part of a pedagogical series called "First Nights" that is organized around famous musical premiers — First Nights: Five Musical Premiers (Yale, 2000) and First Nights at the Opera (Yale, 2004).


Volume 127

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Guests on Volume 127: Christopher Shannon, on the historian's communal role as story-teller; Kevin Vanhoozer, on the dramatic purposes of doctrine; Oliver O'Donovan, on negotiating our way in the created realities; Rebecca DeYoung, on the forgotten vice of vainglory; Thomas Forrest Kelly, on the invention of Western musical notation; and Calvin Stapert, on the life and work of Joseph Haydn.