Thomas Hine

Thomas Hine was the architecture and design critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer from 1973 until 1996, during which time he wrote more than 1,000 articles. He is a regular contributor to the "Arts and Leisure" section of The Sunday New York Times and has also written for Esquire, The New York Times Book Review, and GQ. In addition, he is the author of five books, including The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager.


Volume 44

Guests on Volume 44: James Davison Hunter, on the limits of the psychological view of character; Brian Robertson, on the changes in attitudes toward work and home; David Myers, on the disjunction of wealth and happiness, and crafting a "new American dream"; Robert Frank, on the escalation of luxury and how it can be slowed; Gayle Brandow Samuels, on trees, landscape, and cultural identity; Thomas Hine, on The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager; Thomas Hibbs, on Seinfeld, Hannibal Lecter, and nihilism in popular culture; and Robin Leaver, on how J. S. Bach used musical forms to impart theological truths.