Tim Clydesdale

Tim Clydesdale is professor of sociology at The College of New Jersey. He grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Wheaton College in 1986. After earning a master's and a doctorate from Princeton University, Clydesdale was assistant professor of sociology at Gordon College.


Volume 94

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Guests on Volume 94: Maggie Jackson, on how multitasking exalts efficiency and promises the overcoming of bodily limitations as time is restructured and on the importance of attentiveness in sustaining personal and social order; Mark Bauerlein, on how technologies have rearranged the social lives of teens (and their expectations of education); Tim Clydesdale, on what the first year in college means for teens; Andy Crouch, on the physical basis of cultural life and how "culture making" is done; and Jeremy Begbie, on how music is a way of engaging with the order in Creation and on how writing and hearing music involves a recognition of likenesses in Creation and the exercise of "hyper-hearing."