Walter Hooper

Walter Hooper is a literary advisor of the estate of C.S. Lewis. A native of North Carolina, he served briefly (1963) as Lewis's private secretary when Lewis was in declining health. In 1996, Hooper completed the landmark volume C. S. Lewis: A Companion and Guide. He has edited many of the anthologies of Lewis's writings that have been published since 1964.


Volume 35

Guests on Volume 35: Jill Paton Walsh, on completing Dorothy Sayers's unfinished novel, Thrones, Dominations; James Como, on the rhetorical skills of C. S. Lewis; Walter Hooper, on his first meeting with C. S. Lewis; Victor Davis Hanson, on how Greek convictions shaped Western institutions; Robert C. Roberts, on Christian psychology and the definition of human personality; David Gill, on Jacques Ellul's The Presence of the Kingdom; Ted Smith, III, on Richard Weaver's Ideas Have Consequences; and Ken Myers, on Christmas Music.