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Guests on Volume 148: Steven D. Smith on how a modern “religion without God” characterizes what alleges to be secular neutrality; Willem Vanderburg on the costs of forgetting the unity and interdependence of Creation; Jeffrey Bilbro on lessons from Wendell Berry’s poetry, fiction, and essays about the virtues that characterize people who foster sustainable cultures; Emma Mason on the theological concerns evident in the poetry of Christina Rossetti; Alison Milbank on how the Gothic literary genre in England expressed ambivalence about the effects of the Reformation; and Timothy Larsen on George MacDonald and Victorian earnestness about faith and anxieties about doubt.
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"Contemporary culture often looks like a disaster area. But amid the rubble there are also remnants of real civilization and flashes of new hope for the future. The MARS HILL AUDIO Journal takes the measure of it all—the heights and the depths—issue after issue. There is no more intelligent, comprehensive, lively, accessible, and just plain enjoyable window into the crucial currents in our culture.”