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Guests on Volume 149: Dru Johnson on how rituals serve to shape our understanding of God and Creation; Steven L. Porter on the causes and consequences of the loss of confidence in the rationality of morality; Reinhard Hütter on why Christian ethics must be ordered by Christian eschatology; Matthew Levering on the theological and philosophical concerns of Hans Urs von Balthasar; David Lyle Jeffrey on the influence of the Bible on English poetry; and Christopher Phillips on the cultural and spiritual effects of hymns and the “thingness” of hymnals.
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"Contemporary culture often looks like a disaster area. But amid the rubble there are also remnants of real civilization and flashes of new hope for the future. The MARS HILL AUDIO Journal takes the measure of it all—the heights and the depths—issue after issue. There is no more intelligent, comprehensive, lively, accessible, and just plain enjoyable window into the crucial currents in our culture.”