Christians often speak of engaging the culture, but engagement can easily result in captivity to contemporary culture... Read More
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Guests on Volume 127: Christopher Shannon on the historian's communal role as story-teller; Kevin Vanhoozer on the dramatic purposes of doctrine; Oliver O'Donovan on negotiating our way in the created realities; Rebecca DeYoung on the forgotten vice of vainglory; Thomas Forrest Kelly, on the invention of Western musical notation; and Calvin Stapert on the life and work of Joseph Haydn.
"In modern times, things seem to have lost their substance in reality . . ." — Kenneth Schmitz Read More
Ken Myers, host of the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal, shares his thoughts on some of the basic issues the Journal seeks to address. Read More
Ken Myers did his first radio interview when he was 19 working in college radio. His first guest was Johnny Cash ... Read More
"In an era in which so much cant and just plain nonsense vies for our attention, the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal serves as a brisk antidote.”