Now Available: The MARS HILL AUDIO App for iOS & Android

MARS HILL AUDIO is happy to announce that iOS and Android users can now stream or download the Journal and other MARS HILL AUDIO products through our newly released app. Here’s how:

1. Make sure you have registered for a free online account with us. (You do not need to have a paid subscription in order to enjoy our app.)

Current CD subscribers who have never registered an online account will need to make sure that your email address matches up with the email associated with your paid Journal subscription. Please call 1.434.990.9000 or contact us using our webform if you aren’t sure what e-mail address is currently tied to your account, or if you want us to change which address you want to use.

2. Search for MARS HILL AUDIO in the iTunes App Store or Google Play using your preferred mobile device. 

2. Install our app for free.

3. Once installed, open the MARS HILL AUDIO app and follow the login prompts. You will receive an email with an access code confirming your account with us. When you have completed the app registration, browse our app homepage or go directly to your library to begin listening.

For more information on the MARS HILL AUDIO app and for a taste of what we release as free content, visit the Here’s What You’re Missing page.